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From the Organizers

From Their Excellencies:

Welcome to Uprising from Alan and Avelyn, Baron and Baroness of One Thousand Eyes!

The Barony of One Thousand Eyes is proud to present Uprising 32 to Artemisia and the Knowne World! Uprising, once known as The Battle of the Baronies, is one of the oldest events in Artemisia, and most Artemisians have fond memories of past Uprisings. We hope that Uprising 32 will bring more great memories.

There will be much fighting, archery and thrown weapon challenges, GREAT shopping, excellent classes, and the opportunity to meet your old friends, and make new friends.

If you need anything to make your Uprising more fun, get information, or wish to teach a class or sponsor an activity, let the Uprising Steward know. We want to make this as fun as possible for everyone.

Pre-registration is open now! We need the information on attendance, so that you will have enough porta potties and trash bins.


Alan and Avelyn

From the Event Steward:

Greetings from the Autocrat, HE Sheelaegh mac Cathail, who sends a warm Welcome to Uprising War XXXII!

Lords, ladies, good gentles all! Set aside your mundane troubles, your worries and your woes as you shake off the last remnants of the cold and join Us in The Barony of 1000 Eyes, as once again we host Uprising War. We are so excited that you have chosen to spend your time with Us.

From the arts & sciences to the battlefields, we hope that you will be able to quench your need for fighting, archery, thrown weapons, shopping and discovering new talents and skills. We hope that you are able to renew old friendships and discover new ones while enjoying the merriment and camaraderie that awaits you.

Take some classes, explore some heraldry, watch a battle or two, and do some shopping! Try your hand at something new. Here’s the chance to learn something you always wanted to take a crack at and never had the chance. There’s something for everyone.

We hope that each of you feels the warmth and joy of the hospitality of the Barony and of Our Baron & Baroness.

My staff has worked diligently to bring you the best experience that they can. Please, take a little time out of your war to thank the staff, or better yet, if you see a need or a want and you can, pitch in, if even for just a little. We want everyone to be safe, be courteous, and have fun. I look forward to visiting with you all. Enjoy the War!!

Hears to the Dream,

HE Sheelaegh mac Cathail

Event / Merchant Steward

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