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Uprising is a war, and that means fighting!

For fighters, either heavy or rapier, we have planned a number of tournaments and melee scenarios to test your skills and make sure you go back to camp tired and happy after a day on the field. The best part is that most of the scenarios will be the same for Armored and Rapier fighters!

On Thursday at 7pm, we will be having the Annual Chivalry Workshop.

The Chivalry Workshop is specifically designed with two objectives in mind. First, for knights to fight with people they normally don't get to fight with. Artemisia is a big Kingdom, and travel can be tough. The Chivalry Workshop is specifically to help solve this problem, as it's in a central location, and is generally well attended.

The second objective is for knights to help teach others. The knights purposefully don't fight each other. They are there to help develop Artemisia's future fighters. This teaching environment has been very successful for years.

The Unbelted Tournament, Saturday 10am: The annual Unbelted Tournament for Armored Fighters at the Town Eriks.

The Tournament-for-People-Who-Have-Never-Won-a-Tournament Tournament, Saturday 9am: Armored and Rapier lists run simulatneously, so you'll have to make a choice. This is a little tournament to give people who have never prevailed in a tournament the chance to do so. Anyone who has yet to win a tournament in their discipline of choice is eligible to compete.

There will be the usual melee scenarios at the Bridge and Castle, both with and without Combat Archery.

There will be more information and schedule information in the coming weeks.

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